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The Egalitarian Minyan of

Congregation Bnai Emunah

9131 Niles Center Road     Skokie, IL 60076    847-674-9292

The Egalitarian Minyan of Congregation Bnai Emunah is a group of individuals and families whose mission is to maintain a community which:

  1. Provides traditional prayer services which are egalitarian in the sense that all adults and children have equal opportunity for participation and leadership.
  2. Provides opportunities for people to get to know each other and become friends who provide emotional support to one another.
  3. Participates in the life-cycles of member households.
  4. Provides opportunities for Social Action.
  5. Provides decision-making opportunities to all who want to participate.

The Minyan is committed to:

  1. Maintaining the identity and autonomy of its community.
  2. Contributing and being a part of a larger, diverse community found in a synagogue.
  3. Providing a supportive and facilitative atmosphere for adults and children interested in learning synagogue skills.

Tanach Study Group

Everyone is welcome to participte in a Shabbat afternoon study session focusing on the Book of Samuel. The group meets twice a month. Time and location will be announced at services.

Shabbat Services 2002/5762

We meet every Shabbat morning downstairs in the Youth Lounge at 9:30 a.m. Please join us!

Davening Dates

September 28, 2002 Sh’mini Atzeret Bierman/Cohen Services at 9:00 a.m.
September 29,2002 Simhat Torah Gordon/Smoler Services at 9:00 a.m.
October 5, 2002 Parashat Bereshit Kupchan
October 12, 2002 Parashat Noah Barkan
October 19, 2002 Parashat Lekh L’kha Bar Mitzvah of Michael Brunwasser
October 26, 2002 Parashat Va’yera Bat Mitzvah of Rebecca Rubin
November 2, 2002 Parashat Hayey Sarah Goldberg/Katzman
November 9, 2002 Parashat Toldot Gross
November 16, 2002 Parashat Vayetze Spiro
November 23, 2002 Parashat Vayishlah David and Aviva Rubin
November 30, 2002 Hanukkah Parashat Vayeshev Schreibstein
December 7, 2002 Hanukkah Parashat Miketz Agate/Slutsky
December 14, 2002 Parashat Vayigash Rich/Weisberger
December 21, 2002 Parashat Vayehi Hoffenberg
December 28, 2002 Parashat Sh’mot Eisenberg/Lobl
January 4, 2003 Parashat Va’era Bierman/Cohen

For more information on the minyan:

In order to receive additional information about our Minyan please contact Linda at 847-676-0877 or e-mail at

For more information on our host synagogue, visit the Congregation Bnai Emunah Web page.